Jean Grae – Blame Game Lyrics

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Blame Game Lyrics by Jean Grae

Jean Grae - Blame Game Lyrics

Jean Grae – Blame Game Lyrics

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It’s really easy to say it over this Yeezy beat
More complicated, intoxicated through Greasy’s teeth
I wanna tell you both to free my mind and free the speech
But when I wanna say I love you, only evil leaks
I speak mean and I reason it with a hundred things
Not one the things that Im uttering when under drinks
Is how I really feel
The feelings built a wall up
Skyscraper with every story it gets taller
I’m facing this February with less morals
Less normal, more Nellie Olesen, less Laura
Had it with explorations, less Dora
Less explanations, less mortal
See if I’m less human then depression is avoided
So if I’m lessening you then the stress of it is voided
If I’m questioning who’s been in your bed then I’m annoyed at
Any answer given so what is the point?
Ah doy, at that
I used to call back and cause pain
To call names, text til my batteries all drained
Nameless anatomy next to me all frame
Add lust and mix … fill it up all the same, this
Can’t go on forever so I’ll play the plagiarist in this endeavor, change the words from Mr. Legend, let’s not play the blame game
That shit’s forever less than anything we ever were and I don’t get regrets no matter how the rest occurred

Lets not play the blame game…
I love you
Lets not play the blame, game, sure
Lets not call out names, names I hate you
Lets not call out names, names, for sure

We were really on the same side…..
At some point you rolled strange die
Double sided, Trouble written on this game, I
Can’t play Sorry anymore, that aim is tired
I give up on winning, you in them women, live it
If you ain’t in them women, shit really nothing different
You gotta call it quits when it’s splitsville
Or continue to bicker with niggas shit still
Nothing moved, nothing gained, everybody’s hurt
Fuck it, everyone’s to blame, hope everybody learns
Sometimes I sit and study your name with other words
So one of these days it’ll blur with others unrehearsed
The “he said, she said” please man
Y’all fueling it with energy like Keyspan
No more, not me fam, we was something ‘fore The Nothing came and ended us we began


Somehow it’s always gonna be my fault…..

Jean Grae – Blame Game Lyrics

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